Saturday, October 13, 2018

6 lessons the GOP should learn from winning the Kavanaugh fight but probably won’t

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It’s not too often that conservatives have the luxury of dissecting the anatomy of a political victory. That’s because Republicans seldom fight for anything meaningful that would offer us durable victories. This case is different.
The case of Kavanaugh shouldn’t ever have been a point of contention with the outcome uncertain, given that Republicans control the White House and the Senate. Confirming a very “mainstream” judge, by the standards of the liberal legal profession, should not have been a big deal. Nonetheless, given the fact that Democrats threw everything they could muster at the nominee, including the most sensitive identity politics, we are all relieved that Republicans finally held the line on something.
However, given how rare these opportunities are, Republicans would be dumb not to press on with their advantage the same way Stonewall Jackson wanted to attack Washington the day of the Confederate victory at Manassas. If we don’t learn the lessons of the victory and follow up with more, the Left will continue to beat us on every other issue. To that end, here are 6 lessons Republicans can learn and harness for a strategy to go on offense:
1) There’s no such thing as lukewarm hell: --->
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