Sunday, October 21, 2018

ICE: Only 2 percent of immigrants released from custody get deported

Only 2 percent of family units seeking asylum who are released from ICE custody are ever repatriated, according to Lucero.
“That means 98 percent are going through proceedings or we are ultimately looking for them right now,” Lucero said.
That staggering statistic is a reason why the Arizona border with Mexico is seeing a large draw of family units from Central America, Lucero explained.
A large number of them detained end up being released from custody after around two weeks.
Who are they?
It is estimated that 85 percent of immigrants who arrive at Arizona-Mexico border are from Guatemala. Most are asking for asylum as soon as they arrive.
“What DHS [Department of Homeland Security] as an agency suggests is if you are coming as an asylum seeker, that you claim asylum in the first country that you enter,” Lucero said.
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