Friday, September 7, 2018

They Can't 'Bork' Kavanaugh, So Democrats Are Borking America

Yeah, yeah. You've all heard the story. How Teddy Kennedy, the late "Lion of the Senate," roared in a floor speech in 1987 that confirming then-D. C. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Robert Bork to the U.S. Supreme Court would mark the imposition or restoration of a police state, Jim Crow, the Ku Klux Klan, Bible-teaching in every classroom and "The Handmaid's Tale" — all on his first day on the bench.
Which let loose a barrage from every battle station across the liberal political-advocacy-media complex on one of the most eminent and qualified jurists ever nominated for the high court. And introduced the term "Borking" into the political lexicon.
Today's Democrats know they can't "Bork" President Trump's nominee for the Supremes, Brett Kavanaugh. The longtime political pro and 12-year judge on the selfsame D.C. Circuit knows the playbook — including Justice Ruth "Notorious" Ginsburg's "no hints, no forecasts, no previews" standard for responding to Judiciary Committee questions and staying out of trouble.
Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (full disclosure: my onetime boss) and Majority Leader Mitch Connell are too wily and experienced. And the Republicans hold a majority, no matter how razor thin, and appear to be holding fast.
So the Democrats are taking a different tack: They are Borking America itself. --->
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