Saturday, September 8, 2018

5 Of The Left’s Stupidest Complaints About Brett Kavanaugh

The left has attacked Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s name, proclivity for beer and baseball, and even for overturning a ruling he hasn’t overturned.
Ahead of Brett Kavanauh’s nomination hearings for Supreme Court justice, liberals have been fearmongering nonstop to influence the process.
For example, Planned Parenthood and others colluded to stage a 10-city grassroots “#StopKavanaugh” campaign. At the end of August, actress Alyssa Milano dramatically predicted confirming Kavanaugh would make our country into something straight out of the dystopian world of the fictional “Handmaid’s Tale.”
Alyssa Milano protests Kavanaugh in "Handmaid's Tale" costume
— The Hill (@thehill) August 20, 2018
Yes, Democrats might have some cause for concern, because Kavanaugh is an originalist in the mold of the late Justice Antonin Scalia. Democrats are no longer that keen on the rule of law and prefer judges that manipulate the laws to get a politically correct outcome instead of faithfully applying what the people’s representatives have passed.
But Kavanaugh’s resume is a sterling example of jurisprudence, intellect, and character: Kavanaugh went to Yale Law School, clerked for retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy at the Supreme Court, then served as a judge at the Court of Appeals for the Washington D.C. Circuit. The American Bar Association just gave Kavanaugh a unanimous “well-qualified” rating.
In addition to his career accomplishments, Kavanaugh appears to be a devoted husband and hands-on father. In spite of this, the left nearly lost its mind over his nomination. Maybe it’s because there’s so little genuine reason to oppose his appointment. Here are some of the stupidest reasons the Left has tried to excoriate the potential next SCOTUS justice. --->
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