Friday, August 17, 2018

REPORT: Smuggling Of Aliens From Terrorism-Prone Nations Across The Southern Border Should Be Part Of The Immigration Debate

The immigration debate often focuses on Mexican and Central Americans entering the U.S. illegally, but the smuggling of aliens from terrorism-prone countries across the U.S.-Mexico border should also be part of the discussion, according to a report published Monday.
Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) senior national security fellow Todd Bensman wrote “Terrorist Infiltration Threat at the Southwest Border” to bring the smuggling of Special Interest Aliens (SIA), or foreign nationals from high terrorism-prone countries, as a possibility for terrorists to enter America to the forefront.
“In the ongoing public debates about immigration enforcement, the absence of SIAs as even a consideration raises the prospect of high-consequence negligence,” Bensman wrote.
While the report acknowledged that no migrants committed attacks on U.S. land and most SIAs are not connected to terrorists, the SIA smuggling network provides terrorist travelers the “capability” to reach the border, according to the report.
For example, a Somali asylum-seeker who crossed into California in 2011 allegedly committed an ISIS-inspired attack which hurt five people in Canada in 2017, the report said.
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