Friday, August 17, 2018

A Clampdown Slowing Legal, Not Just Illegal, Immigration

Trump administration is taking myriad quieter steps to reduce legal immigration through new policies or a stricter interpretation of existing regulations
A Canadian financial firm recently opened an office in the U.S. and, as part of its staffing-up process, hired an analyst—a numbers whiz with a Ph.D. in physics—who had been working in Boston for another financial company.
Because the man was a Chinese national, his firm took what previously had been a pro forma step: It applied to have his H-1B visa transferred to his new employer.
In today’s immigration climate, though, that step is no longer routine. U.S. authorities denied his new visa. The math whiz, having lost his legal status, returned to China. And his job now is being done not in the U.S. but back at the financial firm’s home office in Canada.
William Stock, a Philadelphia immigration lawyer who handled the case, says that in the past there “wouldn’t have been any doubt” that the visa transfer would have been approved. Instead, the anecdote illustrates a little-understood but economically important aspect of the raging debate on immigration: While the loud public discussion focuses on Trump administration policies to stop illegal immigration, the administration also is taking myriad quieter steps to reduce legal immigration.
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