Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Most of us don't welcome illegal aliens but special interests do

To The Daily Sun,
Do you want illegal aliens here? James Vervaeke says “we” do (see Laconia Daily Sun, 7/24/18). I, and I suspect most Americans, don’t want them here. No one should be rewarded for breaking our laws, especially when so many illegal aliens harm American citizens and create a burden on American taxpayers.
Yes, some illegal aliens come here for a better life, intending to be law-abiding and self-supporting, and work hard to support their families. But there are hundreds of millions of people who want to come here legally with the same intent, so we can and should pick and choose carefully.
A nation exists to benefit its own citizens, not citizens of other countries. We generously accept about one million legal immigrants annually, plus hundreds of thousands of temporary workers and students, refugees, and asylum seekers. We should only accept people as immigrants who will become good American citizens that benefit our country and the American people.
Many illegal aliens either burden American taxpayers or harm Americans, or both. The cost to the American taxpayers of supporting (e.g., welfare, housing, education, medical care, etc.) illegal aliens and their families exceeds the pittance they pay in taxes by over $100 billion annually.
Illegal aliens commit an enormous number of crimes. A recent Texas study showed that illegal aliens commit nearly 100,000 crimes annually including nearly 400 homicides in Texas alone. It costs taxpayers about $8,000,000 every day to imprison illegal alien criminals.
Read the rest of this letter to The Daily Sun HERE.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

More lies. Illegal aliens are far more law-abiding than US citizens. They come here for a better life and are productive and beneficial to us. They do Jobs American won’t do. Agriculture in America cannot exist without them, btw.

This is simply more hate. More racism. More “keep America white” hogwash.