Friday, August 3, 2018

9 Insane Court Rulings On Major Issues In Just A Few Days

Congress might be out for the summer, but the courts are just getting started.
While the GOP Congress does nothing to advance the platform of the party when they win elections, the Left is winning 50-year culture battles on the most consequential issues of our time through the new legislature: the courts. Federal judges have filled the power vacuum left behind by impotent legislators who are obsequious to the courts and they are giving Democrats victories on immigration, election law, abortion, sexuality, religious liberty, and wage controls in a matter of a few days that they could never dream of accomplishing through the legislature.
The worst element of this left-wing judicial coup is that they are completely shielded from electoral reprisal. At least if a Democrat Congress would enact these priorities, they’d lose the next election. Now, Republicans are on the hook for the status quo and are starring down the barrel of a wave election against them. Ironically, however, they have abdicated all their power and the Left is still in charge through the judiciary.
Here are 9 examples where the left-wing judiciary has steamrolled any hint of conservative victory in just the past few days. Collectively, these examples demonstrate that even if conservatives win a clear majority on the Supreme Court, absent congressional efforts to reclaim power from the lower courts they created, the Left will still win every culture battle and even now some fiscal battles:
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