Sunday, July 29, 2018

Top committee Republicans vote for border provision WORSE than amnesty

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We already know that most Republicans support amnesty just as passionately as Democrats, much as they support the key elements of Obamacare. We learned yesterday, in one of the most spectacular acts of perfidy ever against the citizenry of this country, that most top Republicans support open borders for the current wave of illegals as well as for the future waves, until the end of times.
For years, conservatives have been begging House Republicans to use the power of the purse in the Department of Homeland Security appropriations bills to stand for our borders, fight sanctuary cities, defund amnesty, and block judicial tyranny on immigration. Yet no matter how brazenly Obama and the courts defied immigration law, congressional Republicans refused to ever consider defunding the lawless acts in the budget bills. Fast-forward to the Trump administration, where Attorney General Sessions has finally committed to upholding the proper letter and spirit of asylum law — and almost every Republican on a top committee voted to defund the only effective means of ending the ruination of America’s borders.
Yesterday, the House Appropriations Committee, during a markup of the fiscal year 2019 DHS funding bill, voted to block the new USCIS guidance to properly interpret “credible fear” as fear of an individualized persecution by a government. As we noted before, this is the lynchpin of the entire border surge, and unless we properly interpret the law as written, the border surge, drugs, gangs, and all of the fiscal and social ills that come with them will never stop. Yet Rep. Kevin Yoder, R-Kan., — yes, that Kevin Yoder — gave his support to this Democrat amendment, and it passed by voice vote.
Yoder, as chairman of the Homeland Security subcommittee, should be a warrior for the American people and law enforcement. Instead, he is a voice for illegal immigrants. He inserted numerous amendments tying the hands of DHS and giving illegals more rights. He inserted language mandating more free phone calls for illegals and more access to facilities by members of Congress so they can further agitate and hamper our brave agents.
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