Monday, July 30, 2018

The Other Russian Hacking: Will Moscow's Cyber-Attacks Turn Off Your Lights?

Cyber-Hacking: Americans and much of official Washington are focused intently on Russian hacking of our elections. But maybe they should be worried about what is perhaps a more important Russian cyber-hacking target: Our nation's utilities and energy infrastructure.
It might not sound sexy, but the threat is real, as Department of Homeland Security officials said Tuesday in a press conference. They noted that Russian hackers have already hit "hundreds" of targets in the U.S. energy sector, starting in 2016 and continuing into last year.
How serious are the cyber-attacks?
"They got to the point where they could have thrown switches," causing power outages, according to Jonathan Homer, DHS' chief of industrial control system analysis.
That is, they could have turned the lights out for many people, wreaking havoc and causing losses of hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars. So it's no joke.
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