Thursday, July 19, 2018

Americans Conned Into Marrying Immigrants For Green Cards

courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Kyle Haney thought he found the love of his life.
On a mission trip to India with his sister and a friend, Haney met Tabitha, the friend’s sister, both of whom were originally from India. He told NBC Washington that it felt like he had known Tabitha his whole life.
"We just clicked. It's like we just found each other," Haney said.
Six months later, Tabitha visited Haney where he lives in Texas, and he proposed. Just a few months later, they were married and expecting a child.
"[We] had a baby in November, and in March the following year, she got her green card,” Haney said. “And within two months she left."
Haney was confused. Then he saw Tabitha’s “petition for divorce.” She claimed that he had anger issues, may have been homosexual, and made her feel unsafe. She also said he intimidated her by using her immigrant status, Haney’s sister Jade told NBC.
The Haney family did some research, and quickly found something odd. --->
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