Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Fence-Climbing Illegal Aliens Cut in Line as Legal Immigrants Wait in Obscurity

Which group should take precedence?
America’s most forgotten men and women may be the legal immigrants who acquire their visas, scale no barriers, and patiently await their green cards and citizenship ceremonies. Amid the raging DACA debates, the fugitive-city outrages, and this week’s Honduran-caravan epic at the San Diego–Tijuana border, these overlooked individuals ring America’s doorbell rather than pry open the back entrance.
“I am stunned,” says Nayla Rush, a senior researcher with the Center for Immigration Studies. She is staggered by the caravan members who waved Honduran flags atop America’s border fence. U.S. authorities arrested 29 of them for illegal entry. Those fleeing Tegucigalpa’s chaos have no right to barge into the U.S. Likewise, if El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua — contiguous to Honduras — and nearby Mexico feel no duty to welcome these migrants, why on Earth is this America’s obligation?
“What I can’t understand is the arrogance, the defiance of these people,” Rush tells me. “I could comprehend someone wanting a better life, sneaking in, and, if caught, feeling apologetic. But these people are marching in front of cameras, in front of the whole world. They demand to be admitted here. Where does this sense of entitlement come from?”
Rush came to America from an oft-bloodied land — Lebanon. But rather than ford the Rio Grande, Rush did something rarely discussed these days: In 2011, she requested a visa online, spoke with diplomats at America’s embassy in Beirut, and, within three weeks, received her papers.
Current visa applications cost $1,140, plus $85 for biometric services, for those between ages 14 and 78.
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