Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Did Justice Gorsuch Just Rule Against The Trump Administration On Immigrant Case?

Tom Williams/Contributor/Getty Images
Tie-breaking vote
According to Business Insider, Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch provided the tie-breaking vote over to the liberal wing of the court on Tuesday in a case that ruled part of a federal law making it easier to deport immigrants who have been convicted of crimes too vague to be enforced. The decision is a loss for the Trump administration.
"The court's 5-4 decision — an unusual alignment in which new Justice Neil Gorsuch joined the four liberal justices — concerns a catchall provision of immigration law that defines what makes a crime violent," reports BI. "Conviction for a crime of violence makes deportation 'a virtual certainty' for an immigrant, no matter how long he has lived in the United States, Justice Elena Kagan wrote in her opinion for the court."
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1 comment:

cimbri said...

I'm not concerned about this. All immigration rules and laws need to be clear and constitutional. Gorsuch is helping us in the long run.