Thursday, April 19, 2018

Australian TV Host Peta Credlin Goes Off On Transgender Birth Certificates

'This is a dangerous push into records we have kept as civilizations since almost as long as we have had the written word. Assuming change from the outset is designed to disrupt social norms.'
Australian TV host Peta Credlin gave a short monologue yesterday against a proposal to let people at whim call themselves or their newborns male, female, intersex, unspecified, or indeterminate on their birth certificates. She notes this idea’s proponents say it’s the next step after government affirmation of same-sex relationships, although at the time that was not publicly sold as an entrance point for transsexual politics.
“‘Trust us,’ they said, didn’t they? ‘Love is love,'” she recalls.
“Children are born a boy or a girl, [for] the vast bulk of humanity,” Credlin says, because stating the obvious is now not only necessary, it even requires courage. “That is a biological fact, and laws must reflect reality.”
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