Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Trump Was Elected to Govern Without These People

Credit Doug Mills The NYT
In Washington, “personnel is policy.” As President Trump reshuffles his cabinet and White House advisers, that truism has critics worried.
They know exactly what kind of policy to expect from personnel like Mike Pompeo, as Mr. Trump’s choice for secretary of state, and John Bolton, a front-runner to succeed H. R. McMaster, who is expected to leave the administration, as national security adviser. They spell the end of the Iran deal. And regarding North Korea or Syria, they might well mean war.
The incoming director of the National Economic Council, Larry Kudlow, is a free-market advocate, which in broad terms the last director, Gary Cohn, was as well. But Mr. Kudlow has a warmer relationship with the president and is not expected to challenge his turn toward economic nationalism, which was what led Mr. Cohn to resign.
The administration is becoming monolithic in economics and foreign policy alike, the story goes, and Donald Trump’s wildest impulses will soon be unchecked.
These fears are misplaced. Not only that, they also show how easily a dislike of Mr. Trump can lead to a dangerously distorted view of government. Cabinet members and executive-branch officials are not supposed to be a check on the president; they serve at his pleasure, after all. Their duty is to assist him, their oars all pulling in the direction set by the captain. They can speak their minds, and they can resign if they feel they must. But their place is not to second-guess the president or the outcome of the last election.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...


Well, we know the pres likes "the best people" he hires to bow down and slobber all over him. These are the kinds of people he chooses. Those willing to do it. (Mattis is the single exception.)

It goes without saying that these might not exactly be the kind of people we need right now, not with all the trade wars, corruption, Putin boot-licking, and possible conflict with NK. But hey, no, let's go ahead and have a meeting with the crazy dude, even tho we have NO ONE in place to help Trump prepare for such a complicated undertaking.

Everything and everyone Trump touches dies. That includes Ryan, too, unfortunately.

Trump did find time to congratulate Putin on his continued dictatorship. No mention of interference in our elections or his poisoning and killing of so many people, or human rights abuses.

What the heck, who cares, right? Certainly not the GOP.