Tuesday, March 20, 2018

No Good Reason For Congress To Roll DACA Into The Omnibus

It’s easy to laugh at the faux political debates carried out on Capitol Hill. Poking fun at their shallowness and phoniness saves us from dwelling on a more depressing thought: such deliberations will determine the future of the nation. But this habit can also make us immune to justifiable anger when we are openly deceived.
Take the upcoming omnibus appropriations bill which should anger citizens concerned with transparency and republican self-rule. Its passage is almost guaranteed since no one member will hold it up. Knowing this, congressional leadership will likely tack on to it several controversial policy amendments. Will it be a gun control measure or an ObamaCare bailout? We don’t know, but as of now, it appears that DACA will be rolled into it.
Why do this? To conceal who is responsible and who is to blame, foreclose any genuine public debate of the issue, and largely hide the long-term effects from the public. Since no serious debate will take place, Americans will again forfeit consenting to the future character of our nation, leaving it to be determined by a legislative body whose approval rating stands at 15 percent. --->
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