Monday, February 5, 2018

Trump’s DACA Proposal is the “Worst Deal in the History of Deals”

Last week President Trump proposed terms for a deal on DACA. Days later Trump reiterated his plan in his State of the Union address, calling it a “great deal” for Democrats. It is, but for America, I am sad to say that it is one of the worst deals in the history of deals—maybe ever.
CNBC accurately describes Trump’s proposal as a “dream come true” for the Left. Not only does it give them the moon and stars, it gives no real immediate—nor permanent—concessions to the Republicans. The deal is asymmetrical and dangerous.
Trump’s proposal will give a pathway to citizenship to 1.8 million people—up from 800,000 in his October proposal—and allow them to sponsor their spouses and children for green cards. In exchange, Democrats will agree to scrap the visa “diversity lottery,” end chain migration, and provide $25 billion for the border wall. While it may look like a decent deal, there are a few critical caveats.
To start, the prohibition on chain migration will not be retroactive. This means that the 4 million family members who already applied for green cards would be processed and admitted into America over the next decade. Thus, President Trump will be out of office before we see the end of chain migration, and there’s no guarantee that the next administration could not simply reinstate it—we may trade amnesty for nothing.
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