Thursday, February 1, 2018

GOOD RIDDANCE: An ILLEGAL says goodbye to America

The Washington Post has published another one of their heartwrenching testimonial pieces designed to elicit sympathy for illegal aliens and highlight how terrible the Trump administration is. This one has a twist, however. Rather than featuring some illegal who is found and deported, separating them from their family, this is a goodbye note from an illegal alien who voluntarily decided to go back to Mexico along with his parents and siblings.
The author is Ariel Rodriguez, who is described as, “a freelance journalist living in Mexico City.” Of course, that’s a rather recent update. For the past ten years, he was attending school and getting a degree in journalism from an American university, working a variety of jobs and just, you know… being an American (of the “undocumented” nature). The title of the piece sets the tone for the entire farewell letter… Undocumented and disillusioned, I decided to leave America. This loss is mutual.
You have to read the entire thing to get the full feel for it, but a few choice segments stand out and deserve a closer look. Of particular interest is the opening, where Rodriguez describes the circumstances of his initial entry into the country.
At 15, I arrived in the United States with a suitcase full of clothes, a picture of my golden retriever and the excitement of starting my new life. That was 10 years ago. Last month, the day after I graduated from college, I got on a nonstop flight that carried me and my new journalism degree away from the place I call home, back to a place my family and I once waved goodbye to. I am unsure I will be allowed to reenter.
So he was 15 years old when he was brought here, but it obviously wasn’t against his will. He was technically still a minor but was participating in the family decision to illegally cross the border. He was “excited” to start his new life in America. He also very clearly knew that he was here illegally. The author didn’t qualify for the DACA program, so even after becoming an adult he knowingly remained here in violation of the law. Later in the letter, he describes the difficulties he encountered while obtaining his journalism degree at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. --->
Read the rest from Jazz Shaw HERE.

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