Thursday, February 1, 2018

BARF BAG ALERT: I Could Solve Immigration As A Businessperson — But I Have To ‘Govern With Heart’

President Trump touched on immigration and how he has to “govern with heart” while speaking to reporters in the White House Tuesday.
“You know, governing–when you’re a businessperson, you don’t have to worry about your heart, the heart,” Trump said, touting his time in business.
“You really do what’s best for you–you know, for almost purely monetary reasons. You know, you make your money. You’re competing against people.”
Trump sounded off on immigration, saying that as a businessperson he could have already figured it out, but he wants to approach the issue by putting himself in “their position.”
“And when you’re–in doing what I’m doing now, a lot of it is heart, a lot of it is compassion, a lot of it is far beyond money–such as immigration, such as the things we’re talking about. From a purely economic standpoint–if I was doing this purely from an economic standpoint, I would sit down and tell you in one second what I’d be doing, okay? It’s so simple. But I’m not. I’m doing it because millions of people are affected. I mean, I just–I put myself in their position.”
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