Saturday, February 17, 2018

Don’t Be Taken In by Some Drones on the Border

Since any amnesty, whether DACA or DACA-plus, will attract future illegal immigration, any deal coming out of this week’s Senate debate must have muscular enforcement provisions.
President Trump has made “The Wall” the symbol of tougher enforcement. That’s why various proposals for a DACA/Dreamer amnesty include at least some pretense of border enforcement. The Graham/Durbin plan offered, in the words of one report, “a small down payment on the border wall” in exchange for amnesty. The Talking Stick Common Sense Coalition is offering funding for as little as 10 percent of the wall. Senators Warner and Isakson are considering a simple extension of DACA for three years’ worth wall funding. And Sen. McCain, true to form, has teamed up with Chris Coons to propose amnesty for even more than the 1.8 million sought by the White House in exchange for a study of border security and no money at all.
It’s clear none of these senators actually wants a wall, but given its importance to Trump, they’re willing to do a striptease for a while if that will secure them the amnesty that is their true objective.
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