Friday, January 19, 2018

Will Trump Go Sloppy and Soft on Illegal Immigration?

I am absolutely delighted at the fake outrage over Donald Trump correctly assessing much of the Third World as a “Schumerhole.” It’s about time we had some real talk about immigration. For decades, the open borders establishment has tried to blind us with a blizzard of deceptive euphemisms designed to hide the truth. “Dreamers.” “Undocumented workers.” “Nation of immigrants.” Enough!
It’s all a scam designed to allow liberals to shut you up when you raise questions about why we should let our nation be flooded by outsiders – any questions. And they don’t even pretend to be coherent. One day we’re monsters for wanting to send illegals back where they belong, and the next we’re monsters for accurately describing the places they came from. We wonder why, if those Third World wonderlands totally aren’t what Trump said they are, their residents so eager to leave – and not to go back once they get here? And if Dreamers were wonderful hard workers who contribute so, so very much, why can’t they do all that contributing back where they came from?
Sheesh. Can you hacks please settle on a consistent narrative? It’s getting so it hard to even know which lie we’re being told without a program.
Apparently, now we are morally obligated to lie too. Remember, the s-hole furor isn’t because Trump was wrong. It was because he was indisputably right, but no one is supposed to say that because the truth doesn’t fit today’s narrative.
Well, it’s well past time to toss the narrative down what Trump said. --->
Read the rest from Kurt Schlichter HERE.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We are not now, and will not be "flooded with outsiders".

We ARE a nation of immigrants, for crying out loud. People come here for freedom and opportunity. And we ARE better for it!

For the life of me, I will NEVER understand the HATER/RACIST mind/heart.