Friday, January 19, 2018

Democrats Don’t Actually Want A DACA Compromise

What if Democrats are using DACA recipients as human shields to get increased voter intensity, political donations, and turnout in upcoming elections?
According to Democrats, they want nothing more than to fix the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which President Donald Trump rescinded in early September due to it being unconstitutional. The registration program was a temporary fix to one of the country’s many significant immigration problems. It supposedly deferred immigration actions against people brought into the country illegally as minors but who have been here for quite some some time.
But it was a bad fix because of how it was done — via executive action instead of the legislature. Courts had already determined similar program for different classes of immigrants to be unconstitutional. According to the U.S. Constitution, presidents are to execute the laws passed by the legislative branch.
When Trump rescinded the program and told Congress to do its job of passing legislation to address the problem, Democrats screamed. President Obama wrote a dramatic Facebook post that didn’t address the little problem that his supposed temporary fix wasn’t a great solution. Months later, there is still no resolution.
Democrats claim to want amnesty for DACA recipients. At least some Republicans claim to want to fix the problems that lead to never-ending streams of non-citizens clamoring for amnesty, such as a porous border and irregular enforcement of the law. The Trump administration and some Republicans seek to end an incoherent immigration policy that is unbound to the needs of the country, particularly the needs of the non-elite portions of the country. All of these competing desires make now seem like a prime opportunity for an immigration compromise.
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Anonymous said...

More pure hooey from a Trump apologist -repeating Trump nonsense.

So . . . if R's suddenly decide to include DACA in the funding bill, D's won't sign on? Yeah, sure.


Because, of course it's the right, humane, American thing to do.

PASS DACA, and move on R's. Tell Cotton to go away.


Anonymous said...

Why can't we have both DACA, border protection and CHIP?

Because we have some REALLY STUPID Congressmen.

If only we had a hundred of Lee's Flakes, Romney's and Sasse's.

Congress would be magnificent.


Anonymous said...

What kind of a monster do you need to be to support kicking Dreamers out?

Steve King. I have no idea who you are. It's unfathomable.