Saturday, December 2, 2017

Why Alabamians Should Vote For Roy Moore

I have a 14-year-old daughter. If I caught Roy Moore doing what was alleged, for starters I would kick him where it counts. That said, I don’t think it’s wrong to vote for Moore.
I am going to argue for the very unpopular, even shocking, view that, even if Roy Moore did what he is accused of doing, Alabamans are within their rights to vote for him, and they shouldn’t let Democrats and Never Trumpers shame them into not voting.
Here is one thing we know and should admit from the start: in his early thirties, Moore had a penchant for dating teenagers. Apparently, this was not an uncommon occurrence during this time. In fact, this practice has a long history and is not without some merit if one wants to raise a large family.
To have a large family, the wife must start having kids when she is young. The husband needs to be well-established and able to support the family, in which case he will typically need to marry when older. Consider Keith Burgess-Jackson’s (philosophy professor at UT Arlington) account of his own grandparents:
What’s the big deal about a 32-year-old man courting a 14-year-old girl? My maternal grandmother was 15 years old when she married and 16 years old when she conceived her first child. Her husband was 41 and 42. They had 10 children during the next 20 years. This was normal back then. I’m sure it was normal in Alabama 40 years ago as well. The age of consent in Alabama even today is 16 (with parental consent)…I’m sick to death of people imposing their own moral standards on people of the past, whether it’s Thomas Jefferson, Robert E. Lee, George Armstrong Custer, Martin Luther King Jr, or Roy Moore.
Times have changed. But, like it or not, four decades ago Moore dated teenagers (even his wife is 14 years younger than he).
Read the rest from Tully Borland HERE at The Federalist.

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Anonymous said...

This is probably the low point for the GOP for the last couple years.

But then, there are so many low points -just in the past week - it's hard to say.

But come on. Really?

I've never seen such a load of crap coming from R's in my life.

Never would have believed it.

Why the hell the GOP is staking it's reputation on a child molester, i have no idea. But then, they did it with Trump.

McConnell and Ryan sold their souls. Religious right sold their souls. It's all downhill from here.

If you think the next generation is ok with all this, you are beyond help.

GOP is dead. And SHOULD BE DEAD.



Anonymous said...

Federalist is dead. They also sold their souls, tho I'm not sure they ever had one.

Gotta have the clicks, I guess.


Anonymous said...

So, um, now the GOP is all about 14 year olds getting married so they can raise a dozen kids? That will go over real well.

(And we thought Akin's comment was bad . . . )

Justifying child-molestation this way is sick sick sick.

But Trump dingbats seem to have lost their morals, along with their minds.

Stockholm Syndrome, I guess.


cimbri said...

Sure Martha, the GOP is dead because someone wrote an honest article about what happened back in the day. Teenage girls routinely got pregnant, and families were started earlier. Ever heard of a shotgun marriage? Those girls were not 25 or 35, they were 16 or 17. Man got girl pregnant, he had to do the right thing and marry her. That's superior to today's culture. Now we're in a demographic crisis because the liberal way prevailed. Liberals are now horrified when a teenager gets pregnant and "throws her life away". I would rather healthy teenage girls get pregnant, than 39 year old women desperate to have a baby. They're on social security before the kid graduates from college.

hamaca said...

If the allegations against Roy Moore are true and accurate, then he shouldn’t have been nominated and shouldn’t be elected. If elected, he should appear before an ethics committee hearing on day one. Charges should be brought against him.

If not true, if exaggerated, if not illegal, if simply weird behavior 38 years ago that didn’t go anywhere and that hasn’t surfaced since then, I’m having trouble understanding the outrage. The allegations from these witnesses are becoming shakier with time and if Alabamians want to elect Moore as their Senator, then either bring charges that can stick or cut the virtue signaling.

Anonymous said...

hamaca, all info (a careful and thoroughly well-researched and reported story) leads to a very obvious conclusion: Roy Moore preyed on underage girls and abused at least one of them. Corfman's allegations are extremely credible. Moore's denials are inadequate. He comes off as a complete ass and liar. She comes off as a reluctant, humble truth teller. She has more than enough corroborating facts and witnesses. He says he didn't know any of the women, yet TWO of them have handwritten notes from him. He clearly had relationships with many of these women.

It's a very very clear call.

Trumpkins think they have an out - there's no "proof".

That's HOGWASH, and a despicable excuse to elect a child-molester only because he's in their tribe.