Saturday, December 2, 2017

If Roy Moore Gets Elected, The Senate Must Seat Him

Whether you like Roy Moore or not, you should recognize that the Senate tossing him for decades-old​ behavior is bad.
The voters in Alabama will amount to a jury of Roy Moore's peers. With allegations now dragged out into the open and pursued by the press, the voters will make up their minds. They will do so as Democrats demand Republicans take a position on Roy Moore while they themselves leave Al Franken and John Conyers alone.
The call now, by Mitch McConnell and others, is for Roy Moore to be immediately referred to the Senate Ethics Committee should he be elected. Republicans and Democrats alike insist they will either refuse to seat him or expel him from the Senate. They should not do so and are arguably playing with dangerous precedent should they.
Whether you like Roy Moore or not and whether you support him or not is actually irrelevant to the issue of expulsion from the Senate. The allegations against Moore are decades old. He was not running for the Senate when they occurred nor is he presently in the Senate. If voters choose to send Moore to the Senate, the Senate should honor the will of the people even if you and I disagree with the vote.
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