Friday, December 22, 2017

WHAT'S NEXT: DREAM Amnesty In January?

So that’s why Schumer and Pelosi caved on tying a DREAM bill to this week’s government funding package. Why risk a shutdown over the issue when the White House is prepared to play ball with them next month?
Presumably it’s also Democrats who are responsible for this leak. The only way to turn down the heat from open-borders activists for caving on the shutdown is to give them reason to believe this issue will be settled very soon thereafter.
And hey, now we know what populists will be angry about to start the new year.
At a Tuesday afternoon meeting with nearly a dozen senators deeply involved in immigration policy, White House chief of staff John Kelly pledged that the administration will soon present a list of border security and other policy changes it wants as part of a broader deal on so-called Dreamers, according to people who attended the meeting. The plan could come in a matter of days, senators said…
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