Saturday, December 23, 2017

BAILOUT WATCH: Congress Punts Bills to Prop Up Obamacare to 2018

Senate Republicans announced Wednesday afternoon that they would not attach measures providing additional funding to Obamacare in a year-end spending bill to keep the government open.
Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell had indicated he would tie the Obamacare bills to the must-pass government-funding bill this week. That plan faced backlash from pro-life groups because McConnell had not said whether or not the new funding streams would be protected by the Hyde amendment, which prohibits taxpayer funding of abortion.
The plan also faced strong opposition from House Republicans. One GOP representative told The Hill Tuesday afternoon that House Speaker Paul Ryan told the Republican caucus that they’re “not going to pass something without Hyde protections.”
Senator Susan Collins of Maine, a moderate who strongly backs additional funding for Obamacare, said in a statement Wednesday afternoon: “Speaker Paul Ryan called me and said that the House remains committed to passing legislation to provide for high-risk pools and other reinsurance mechanisms similar to the bipartisan legislation I have introduced. He pointed out that by waiting until early next year, we will be able to use a new CBO baseline that will result in more funding being available for reinsurance programs.”
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