Friday, December 1, 2017

REPORT: Immigration Encourages Workplace Discrimination Against Americans

AP Photo/David Goldman
Establishment support for legal mass immigration is allowing and concealing large-scale illegal discrimination by U.S. employers against American blue-collar workers, says a new report.
In American Affairs, Pennsylvania professor Amy Wax and D.C.-based researcher Jason Richwine describe many underreported academic studies which show immigration-enabled discrimination;
study after study reveals that employers display a clear and avowed preference for Hispanic and Asian immigrants over low skill natives of all backgrounds for a host of entry-level jobs across a range of industries in a variety of geographic locations.
Those attitudes were exemplified in a lawsuit filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against a bakery company in Houston, Texas. According to the Houston Chronicle:
The EEOC settled a … Hispanics-only hiring case last year for $1 million against Lawler Foods, a commercial bakery in Humble. The agency accused the bakery of favoring Hispanic workers and telling black, white and other applicants it would not hire them. The company was able to create a Hispanic-dominated workforce for its production line by relying on Hispanic employees to recruit friends and family, and advertising for Spanish speakers when the company had openings, according to the EEOC lawsuit.
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