Friday, December 1, 2017

Media Ignore Bombshell Info Raising Major Questions About Motives of Roy Moore Accuser

For the past two and a half weeks, media outlets across the U.S. have uncritically featured allegations made by Tina Johnson, an Alabama woman who claims that Republican senatorial candidate Roy Moore groped her in his office decades ago.
Yet as of this writing, a Google News search finds that not a single news media outlet in the U.S. has reported on the existence of court documents – first publicized on Sunday by Breitbart News – that may raise questions about Johnson’s motives in making the groping accusation.
The U.S. news media apparently do not find it noteworthy to mention that the documents show Moore represented Johnson’s mother in a nasty custody case for Johnson’s then 12-year-old son, Daniel Sitz. In the case, Johnson was repeatedly painted by Moore’s client as an unfit, absent and unstable mother and was accused of taking her son from his elementary school against his will.
Johnson’s mother was ultimately awarded custody in the case.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Who cares.

It is well established that Moore creeped on teenagers when he was in his thirties.

The WaPo story was legit. Corfman is legit.

He WAS a child molester.

He is not fit to be a senator.

He was not fit to be a senator even before these allegations.

Support for Moore and Trump just shows the moral vacuum of the current GOP.

It will get what it deserves in 2018.