Saturday, December 9, 2017

Illegal Immigration is Extremely Costly — See How Much Your State is Paying for it This Year

David McNew/Getty Images
Illegal immigration is extremely costly for U.S. taxpayers each year. Now, we know exactly how much.
What are the numbers?
According to data from the Federation for American Immigration Reform, the fiscal burden of illegal immigration this year will top nearly $135 billion. Of that, $89 billion is the burden on states and $46 billion is burden on the federal government.
The net, however, is a little less. According to FAIR, illegal immigrants will contribute about $19 billion in tax revenue this year — $15 billion to the feds, $3.5 billion to the states — bringing the total burden down to about $116 billion. The costs FAIR calculated included expenditures from welfare, education, health care, law enforcement and other basic societal needs.
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