Friday, September 29, 2017

With Roy Moore Win, Trump Voters Reject New Direction on DACA, Democrats

Michelle Moons / Breitbart News
Roy Moore’s insurgent victory in Tuesday’s U.S. Senate Republican primary runoff in Alabama marks a definitive rejection by Donald Trump’s base of his shift toward working with Democrats on issues like the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.
They are just as frustrated as he is with congressional Republicans, but they see the answer as sending more committed representatives to Congress, not cutting bad deals with Democrats.
The seat for which Moore has now won the right to compete in December’s special election against former U.S. Attorney Doug Jones was formerly occupied by Jeff Sessions, who now serves as Attorney General. As Breitbart News executive chairman Steve Bannon pointed out in his rally speech for Moore on Monday evening, Sessions is the intellectual godfather of the Trump movement. Specifically, Sessions led the opposition to amnesty in Congress.
Moore came out strongly against DACA, while incumbent caretaker Sen. Luther Strange waffled on the issue. The reason for Strange’s weakness is that he is tied to the Republican leadership, which clearly wants Trump to accept some version of the Democrats’ so-called “Dream Act,” giving citizenship to millions of illegal aliens. But Trump voters did not elect him to pass what Barack Obama could not pass even when Democrats controlled Capitol Hill.
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