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Op-ed: They Take a Knee...We Sing Louder

They Take a Knee...We Sing Louder
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Last Sunday, two hundred NFL football players out of the NFL's total roster of other words 11% of all players...defiantly 'took a knee' in protest during the playing of our national anthem. Two hundred anti-American, seriously overpaid for the most part black players...with a handful of white players thrown in for good measure...disrespected not only our flag, our nation's anthem and our country, but also disrespected and dishonored those who currently wear our nation's uniform, and especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice to keep us safe and free at home. And to make matters worse, they did it on 'Gold Star Mothers Day.'

So while this miserable minority of black American citizenry try to claim it's about racism in today's America nothing could be further from the truth, but sadly like some incessant virus, a few white players caught this faux bug and knelt and locked arms alongside the black knee takers. And some coaches and even a few white team owners...owners who were most probably afraid of the very black thugs they hired...joined them no matter that some of the protesters raised their fists in what amounts to a Black Panther, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa salute...a salute that is no different in meaning than when the neo-Nazi's raise their fists in salute of hatred and all things vile.

And they pulled this stunt at 'work' so to speak, and in any other profession protesters such as this would be in protest on your off-time not on our dime.

Reaching an organized crescendo when last Friday, President Trump created an uproar during a speech in Alabama when he urged NFL team owners to fire any player who kneels during the anthem by saying, “Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, ‘Get that son of a bitch off the field right now. Out! He’s fired. He’s fired!’”...and to that I say that our president got it one hundred percent right. But know this horrific display of anti-American sentiments did not start with President Trump's words nor with his tweets, but started on August 26, 2016, when one Colin Kapernick 'took a knee' and set this whole sorted mess of politicizing what should remain a game into motion. 
Claiming he 'took a knee'...just another way of turning his back on our national anthem, our flag, and our country...because he refused to "show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color," started on the surface anyway, to be what Kapernick perceived as continued racism and injustices committed against said people of color in America, then morphed into a protest against police in the number of young black men killed by white police officers. But while Kapernick had a right under our First Amendment to do what he did maybe he would not be viewed as just another black thug if he had not done so at 'work' while wearing socks depicting police officers dressed as pigs. But what Kapernick and most of his cohorts just refuse to understand is that more whites are killed by the police than are blacks even though black men are three times more likely to commit violent crimes as are white men...and they do so while blacks make up but 13% of the American population. That folks is a fact whether they like it or not.

But no matter how many true numbers are cited, these young black thugs of football fame still cling to the same so tired old song that white people remain the slave masters lauding over them...keeping them down...that white people were, are, and will always remain racists. 

They call us filthy names, accuse us of whatever is the black hate rhetoric de-jour, as they shout...or 'take a knee' protest that white America...that America as a racist against the black man...and especially against black athletes. But they can shout all the want...they can kneel all they want...but how pray tell are we racist when the NFL itself is comprised of mostly black players...72% in fact...and the NBA is 74% black...yet when combined it is white people who comprise 84% of their game attendance and 83% of their combined fan base. And with white team owners dishing out multi-million dollar salaries to these black thug players how can we be racists when it is white people who are actually paying them their way over-inflated salaries, and it is white people who for the most part go to their games, buy their outrageously overpriced team merchandise, and make heroes out of someone merely throwing or kicking a ball.

And also forgotten by these disrespectful and oh so ungrateful black players is that racism in America was for the most part put to rest until Barack HUSSEIN Obama assumed the office of the presidency that is. Ripping the scar off long-healing racial wounds Obama reignited the cry of racism because he himself, I most assuredly believe, is a racist. Hating his white half because he was not white enough to 'pass,' Obama used his black half to set in motion a nefarious plan that some will laugh at at first, but in the end it will hit them as the truth that it is.

Let's start with the fact that when Obama saw it was advantageous to capitalize on his black half in his chosen field of politics...a field he was groomed for by avowed Communist sorts...the first thing he did was marry a woman as full of hate towards white people as he had...a woman who said before he became president that she had never been proud of this country. Now remember that Obama at heart is a socialist with strong Communist stuff for blacks paid for by whitey...and that he ran for president on a platform of "fundamentally transforming America." Well what better way to transform America than to change her change her identity.

And change us Obama did, and it started with his call for 'political correctness' in all we say and do. Do not criticize not criticize Hispanics...and most of all do not criticize muslims...for to do so labels you a racist. Turn your back on God...embrace your inner 'illegal' is okay for Planned Parenthood to be the ultimate baby killing machine...socialized medicine is good for your health and well-being...and big brother watching you is for your own good...all became the new battle cry of now changing societal norms. Racial profiling is hate...acts of islamic terrorism are just muslim boys behaving a bit badly...looting is nothing but a form of reparations that is owed to blacks...and our military must 'make nice' to our enemies...these.became not just the new societal norms under this past president but were the very "fundamental transformation" he always had in mind.

In changing the very fabric of what makes American society unique in its changing the very meaning of American exceptionalism...Barack HUSSEIN Obama did indeed succeed in "fundamentally transforming" our nation by not only dividing our country but by setting the stage for right to become wrong and for wrong to become the new mandated order of the day. And he did so via a minority...a very vocal 'gimmee-gimmee, you owe me' minority...who now dictate to the majority who must comply or else all things bad will ensue. In other words...mission this very vocal minority...a black thug minority...holds the rest of us hostage...and they are aided by a media who not only feeds into their progressive thug agenda but who actually helps to manipulate and set it as well.

And but one case of media manipulation...remember when the media was all over Tim Tebow when he 'took a knee' not in protest of America but in prayer, and how the media ostracized, criticized, and ridiculed him, turning him into a villain of sorts for how dare he pray before a game.

And this media manipulation was assuredly seen once again at last Sunday's games when.two hundred for the most part black thugs sadly proved that pulling out the 'race card' does indeed work. And it was these two hundred thugs who became not only 'the' news but who dominated the entire news cycle at the expense of the majority of other players who proudly stood in honor of our country. Two hundred thugs supported by and instigated on by the likes of Anfifa and Black Lives Matter calculatingly stole the limelight with antics right out of a page from Alinsky's 'Rules for Radicals.' Portrayed as heroes when they are anything but, these black players and their subservient white cohorts are actually setting race relations back decades as the anger in white patriots is brewing not so far below the surface...brewing and so ready to explode.

And while this anger is indeed both rightful and called for, I believe it is misplaced in how said anger is being channeled and dealt with, for like with sanctions the call to now boycott games is actually not only counterproductive but serves these America-haters agenda well, as it also hurts the majority of players who stand 'America strong.' How matter if one goes to the games or not these overpaid, over idolized, America defaming pieces of thug garbage...and I stand by those words...will still get paid. And lets not forget that most advertisers will willingly be drawn into the fray for what better advertising for their products bottom line can there be than a sports event that brings in millions of viewers each week...a sports event replete with divisive political drama.

No...boycotts are not the answer...the answer is that when these thugs 'take a knee' we patriots in the audience stand tall and proud...right hand placed over our hearts...and sing the 'Star Spangled Banner' at the top of our lungs...and that we patriots at home turn our televisions off when this misplaced vile act of defiance starts up sending needed ratings into the tank even if afterwards the game itself gets turned back on. Simple solutions at times do work best especially when a strong united message is sent. And remember, the thing these vile sorts hate most is for us to go about doing what we normally enjoy doing while completely ignoring their thug actions. Do not react to them and they lose their voice.

And to take this one step further imagine these black thugs taking center stage...'taking a knee' next year's Olympic games in South Korea where our beloved America instead of shining on the world stage will be ridiculed, condemned, and embarrassed by some of the worst America has to offer...and doing so at a time when we stand on the brink of war with South Korea's neighbor to the north. 

And yes those black athletes who would dare put on such a display at the some shameful sorts did at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics...and those black players now 'taking a knee' are indeed some of the worst America has to offer for true red, white, and blue Americans honor her, stand with her not against her, and actually ignore the vile antics of those either playing a game with monies garnered from our collective pockets or those who poorly represent America's best amateur athletes. And I say no press coverage should be given to any and all who defame her for the press is in this for ratings and corresponding monetary gain alone...good little bought and paid for media whores that they are.

So to me the bottom line in all this is that if you cannot stand in respect for the nation who has given you so much then not only should you get the hell off the field but get your sorry selves out of our country as well.

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