Tuesday, September 19, 2017

NOT GOOD: Trump Administration to Expand Sanctions RELIEF for Iran

It’s a banner day for bad deals, apparently. After spending two years denouncing Barack Obama’s deal with Iran as the worst of all time, Donald Trump has certified Iran’s adherence to it on multiple occasions, always while grumbling that he’ll cancel the deal soon. Instead, Reuters reports today that the White House will approve the next stage of sanctions relief spelled out in the accord:
The United States on Thursday will announce that it will extend wide sanctions relief for Iran called for under the 2015 nuclear deal, sources familiar with the matter said, but no decision on whether to preserve the deal itself has yet been made.
The United States will renew a waiver of the key, and most punitive, sanctions that it imposed on Iran before the nuclear deal was ultimately struck. Under these, tucked into Section 1245 of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, Washington threatened to sanction the banks of Iran’s main oil customers if they did not significantly cut their purchases of Iranian crude.
ABC News’s sources tell them the same, even after Nikki Haley delivered a condemnation of Iran’s activities at the UN last week: --->
Read the rest from Ed Morrissey HERE.

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