Saturday, September 30, 2017

DACA AMNESTY WATCH! Rep. Steve King: ‘DACA’ – ‘Delivering Amnesty to Central Americans’

The Associated Press
It has been reported that Speaker Paul Ryan has formed a “task force” to develop legislation to save the unconstitutional Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA). Based on the voting records of those he has selected for this task-force, it appears that the Speaker has wrongly decided that Republicans’ top priority should be to incentivize a new wave of illegal immigration across our southern border. It appears that House leadership now intends to revive DACA as a means of “Delivering Amnesty to Central Americans.”
A quick analysis of the members Speaker Ryan has selected reveals that the fix may be in for an open-borders, pro-Amnesty recommendation. Of the 10 members appointed to his “DACA task force,” at least six of them (a task force majority) are on record favoring a path to legal residency or a path to citizenship for illegal aliens. Three of those selected were members of the “Group of 8,” a House effort to pass an Amnesty bill in 2013 that mirrored the Senate’s controversial “Gang of 8” efforts. (Interestingly, there were only 4 GOP members of the “Group of 8” and Speaker Ryan managed to appoint 3 of them to his hand-selected group.) One of the selectees is even an outspoken opponent of President Trump’s proposed and necessary border wall.
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