Saturday, September 30, 2017

As Deadline Looms, GOP Hawks Want Trump to Decertify the Iran Deal

Tillerson has advised the president, who pledged to 'rip up' the JCPOA, to certify
Hawkish Republican senators are advising President Donald Trump to decertify the Iran nuclear deal in October, a move that critics of the agreement see as a key step in changing U.S. policy toward Iran.
Trump is required to certify to Congress every 90 days whether Iran is fully implementing the deal and whether continued sanctions relief is in America’s vital national security interests, among other conditions. If he does not, lawmakers have 60 days to debate reimposing nuclear deal sanctions.
... Ahead of the last certification deadline in July, Rubio, Arkansas senator Tom Cotton, Georgia senator David Perdue, and Texas senator Ted Cruz urged the administration to decertify. The quartet of lawmakers argued that Iran has violated the terms of the deal repeatedly, ruling out the compliance certification, and that Tehran's malign non-nuclear activities rule out the national security certification. ...
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