Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Trump Admits Something About America’s Founding That Obama Never Dared to Utter

President Donald Trump spoke to hundreds at the “Celebrate Freedom Rally” in Washington D.C., Saturday night at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, where he honored American veterans and celebrated American independence.
According to Reuters, the event “resembled both a political rally and an evangelical Christian religious service ahead of the July 4 Independence Day holiday.”
During his lengthy speech, Trump honored veterans — and specifically one man who served in World War II’s Battle of the Bulge — criticized the news media, something he also did on Twitter Saturday, and affirmed what the Declaration of Independence says about the origin of human and American rights.
One line specifically, where Trump declared that human rights come from a creator God, drew a large round of applause, likely because those kinds of statements were largely absent during the era of former President Barack Obama. --->
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Anonymous said...

It may be true that Trump is talking about God a little these days. That's a good thing, but I hardly think it's sincere.

It's not true, however, that Obama didn't talk about God.

Simply not true.

Plus, Trump seems to have a little problem with the First Amendment.

Actually, a BIG problem.

I have a problem with that, and you should too.

Happy Independence Day everyone.


Anonymous said...

'I have a problem with that, and you should too.'

Thank you for telling us what to think.

cimbri said...

Trump has defended the Christians more than any president I can remember. He always has them foremost in his mind, especially in foreign policy.

Anonymous said...

Cimbri, so far Trump's foreign policy is indistinguishable from Obama's. Except he finds a way to offend our allies even better than Obama did, and he wants to start a trade war.

At least Obama understood the importance of NATO. Trump understands exactly nothing about anything, and has no interest in learning.

This new direction of so-called "America First" sounds good I guess to some people, but it's going to have dire consequences for the entire world. America cannot and should not abdicate it's responsibility of leadership in the world.

Anyway, I could care less that Trump talks about "the Christians". If he does have Christians "foremost in his mind" which I find highly unlikely, it is only because they are his voters.

The only thing foremost in Trump's mind is himself. He is a psychopathic narcissistic cyberbully who can't stop himself from imploding because he's just too dumb to figure out how to help himself.

I thought we were supposed to be begging him to stop all the winning by now.


Anonymous said...

It seems some people have a problem accepting election results.

Anonymous said...

Because Trump won, doesn't mean he should have.

We all knew the real Trump.

The conspiracy fool, the misogynist, the know-nothing would be dictator.

Trump voters are to blame.

He has no respect for the things that make this country great.

He has no idea how to make anything great.

Everything he touches dies.


Anonymous said...

It does certainly look like some issue with accepting the result of an election. You're right!