Monday, July 10, 2017

Putin: I think Trump accepted my claim that Russia didn’t meddle in the election ... “but you have to ask him”

A short but virtuosic bit of provocation from Darth Troll, especially the “but you have to ask him” bit at the end. He knows that Trump damages himself every time he equivocates about Russian campaign hacking. And he also knows that, of the two of them, only one is willing to answer reporters’ questions at the G20 this weekend — and it ain’t the leader of the free world. By giving this answer, Putin puts Trump in a no-win position: If Trump says he did believe Putin when he insisted that Russia didn’t meddle in the campaign, he looks like Moscow’s useful idiot. If he says he didn’t believe him, Putin gets to feign offense and warn somberly that such mistrust will jeopardize the two countries’ new understanding about Syria.
Stephen Hayes reads between the lines of Rex Tillerson’s dispiriting “let’s move forward” spin after yesterday’s presser:
Trump and Putin, Tillerson announced, “agreed to explore creating a framework around which the two countries can work together to better understand how to deal with these cyber threats.”
A framework for understanding? Not consequences? Not sanctions? Not even the threat of retaliation from the United States?
There is no need for a framework of understanding. Vladimir Putin understands what this diplo-feculence means: The Trump administration will not punish him in any way for his aggressive attempts to interfere in the 2016 election. And we don’t need a framework for understanding to see what that’ll mean for future elections—here and elsewhere: It will happen again.
Read the rest from ALLAHPUNDIT HERE and read what Stephen Hayes has to say by following the link below:

Trump Caves to Putin

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Anonymous said...

Told you guys time and time again Trump would get rolled by Putin.

Hope all you dingbats who voted for him are happy.