Friday, July 14, 2017

Oh my: It was Jared Kushner’s legal team who “discovered” Trump Jr’s emails

“Trump increasingly questions the loyalty of everyone, including his own staff and personal lawyer,” wrote Axios of the Don Jr fiasco this morning. “Every day, it feels like the walls are closing in and it’s unclear who to trust.” Last night the mystery was who had handed Don Jr’s emails to the Times. Today the mystery is why the Times would specify in its latest story that it was Kushner’s legal team who had “discovered” the emails knowing that everyone will now jump to the not-unlikely conclusion that they were the ones who provided them to the paper. It’s not the same as burning a source but it’s close. And it’s probably going to make Kushner’s life inside the White House hell.
When Trump inevitably fires Jared, he should have NBC air it live as a very special episode of “The Apprentice.”
The emails were discovered in recent weeks by Mr. Kushner’s legal team as it reviewed documents, and the team amended his clearance forms to disclose it, according to people briefed on the developments, who like others declined to be identified because of the sensitive political and legal issues involved.
The Times goes on to note that Manafort also disclosed the meeting with the Russian lawyer to federal investigators but says nothing about him mentioning emails. Kushner and Manafort are the only members of the inner circle with a conceivable motive to go public with this stuff: Each of them was a much bigger player in the campaign than Don Jr was, so if the fact that the meeting took place had somehow ended up in the papers, the coverage likely would have focused on one or both of them instead of Junior — probably Kushner most of all since, unlike Manafort, he works in the White House as a top advisor. The solution, presumably, was for Team Jared (or Team Paul) to leak the details of the meeting preemptively, emphasizing that Donald Jr, not Kushner or Manafort, had been the one excited at the prospect of Russian-provided oppo on Hillary Clinton. How Kushner’s going to manage his relationship with the president after this, I can’t imagine.
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Anonymous said...

This is what you get, people.

We tried to tell you Trump was bad news.

A know-nothing sexual abuser who makes fun of disabled people is not who you want in the White House.

He is, and always has been nothing but a scam artist.

He's a dope. He lies. he has ZERO integrity. ZERO.

You knew all this, yet you voted for him.

You know all this, but you still defend him.


Conservatism is now dead. The GOP is dead.

Congrats dingbats.


Anonymous said...

Russia FAKE NEWS just got real.

As anyone with two brain cells knew it would.

Trump is so predictable.

Putin is laughing his ass off.


cimbri said...

Trump is doing a great job. He spoke with Putin and got a ceasefire in Syria. Now he has gone to France and gotten Macron to threaten Frexit from the EU and agree to no regime change in Syria. Trump is cleaning up all the messes and the idiots who made the messes will complain to the end.