Friday, July 14, 2017

FLASHBACK: Hillary Allies Coordinated With Ukrainian Government During The Election

Was this any different from Donald Trump Jr.'s situation?
Amid the firestorm over the new revelations about Donald Trump Jr's contact with a Russian lawyer during the campaign, it's worth noting that another candidate's associates engaged in "collusion" with a foreign government: Hillary Clinton's allies and the Ukrainian government teamed up to coordinate anti-Trump material.
Peter Hasson of The Daily Caller reminded everyone of a Politico report detailing the coordination between the two: Democratic National Committee (DNC) operative Alexandra Chalupa met with Ukrainian government officials for dirt on Paul Manafort, who at the time was rumored to replace Corey Lewandowski as Donald Trump's campaign manager.
Once Manafort officially became Lewandowski's replacement, Chalupa shared her opposition research on Manafort with the DNC, and they were ecstatic about it: --->
Read the rest from Aaron Bandler HERE.

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