Saturday, July 8, 2017

GOOD TRUMP: Trump Selling Missile Defense To Poland as He Slams Russian Aggression

Photo: Ismail Hakki Demir/Anadolu Agency/Getty
Remember when Barack Obama capitulated to Russia in 2010 by removing missile launchers in Poland that neared the Russian border?
There’s a new sheriff in town.
On Wednesday, the Polish state news agency PAP reported that Poland’s government will buy the Patriot missile defense system from the U.S.
Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images
On Thursday, the Trump administration will announce the agreement; Trump administration officials confirm that Trump and Polish President Andrzej Duda, will acknowledge they signed a memorandum of understanding regarding an unknown number of Patriot missile systems. Germany and Taiwan have already bought the Patriot system. --->
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Trump Slams Russian Aggression in Poland, Media Focus on Crowd Size

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Anonymous said...

Turns out Tillerson is in over his head, and will provide no intelligent resistance to Trump's mancrush on Putin. No surprise. Tillerson was always in the tank for Russia, just as we suspected. His message coming out of yesterday is basically a 'No worries, we all just need to get along' thing.

So Tillerson and Trump are happy men today.

Trump and Putin got along famously, we hear. Whoo hoo! Trump gave Putin everything he wanted yesterday, as he has ALWAYS wanted to do from day one. The man is simply enamored with thugs/dictators/ tyrants/murderers.

-no consequences for election meddling - in fact - Trump says oh gosh it could have been other countries too!

-cooperation on cybersecurity ??? Are you kidding me . . .

-ceding Syria to Putin - because that's working out so well.

-no talk of democracy whatsoever

-no pushing Putin ON A SINGLE THING. Let that sink in.

Wonder how our allies feel today.

For me? I wish we had Obama back. He at least understood the difference between American values and Putin's.

Trump is the misguided idiot we knew he was. He has NO IDEA how to defend, much less protect, American values.

We are in for a world of trouble. Just as predicted.


Anonymous said...

If you remember, I said Trump would get rolled by Putin.

Mark it down - 7/7/2017 - first meeting.

Like taking candy from a baby.

Putin got, and will continue to get everything he ever wanted from our short-fingered, narcissistic ignoramus.

Putin's plan is working out even better than he ever imagined, I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

Bet they had a lively discussion on pesky journalists.

No doubt Trump holds Putin's methods for dealing with them as superior.


Anonymous said...

Is this possibly the worst time in history to elect an utterly incompetent know-nothing boob?

We now will allow Russia to dictate international issues.

Genocide- who cares.

We are on the brink of disaster with N. Korea.

The NATO Alliance which has ensured international order for over 70 years, is in serious jeopardy.

What is the West supposed to do now?

Just like I said during the primary:

We have given the keys to a drunk, and he's now driving us over a cliff.

Everything I predicted about Trump is coming true like clockwork.

And it's frightening, to say the least.


Anonymous said...

"For me? I wish we had Obama back."

Which tells you all you need to know concerning the commentator.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, my comments are being deleted because I posted too much.

Okay, I get it. Sorry Bosman.

But I would like to defend myself a little on the Obama comment.

I didn't vote for him, nor do I believe he was a good president.

(Everyone here knows who I am - not a leftist by any stretch.)

But Obama does have more understanding about American values than Trump does.

Trump is giving away the store to Putin, and many Americans are either too dumb or too asleep to realize what is happening.

The bad direction Obama was inclined to go on foreign affairs, is being multiplied many times over with Trump.

Trump is just too stupid to know better. I don't think he even understands what he is doing.

He has inclinations to love dictators, and is far too willing to call our own allies, intelligence agencies, and Republicans who don't kiss his ----, out.

Let's not forget that when confronted with Putin murders, he simply said oh America is not so innocent. We kill people too.

That right there should have told American's all they needed to know.

Sadly, many Americans don't even know how dangerous Trump really is.


Anonymous said...

"For me? I wish we had Obama back."

Sometimes, even words are not enough.

cimbri said...

Fine,, Martha, you want Obama back to continue a somewhat twisted version of neocon foreign policy. Elections have consequences. We specifically put Trump in power to do what he's doing in foreign policy. Part of that, is no unnecessary saber rattling against Russia, which is Not our Enemy. The Islamists are our enemy.

There is no proof that Putin hacked the DNC (not that I care one way or the other). I wish all these snowflakes would grow up and realize that all big powers spy and hack, and also large corporations and international agencies do it as well. Leave yourself open, that's your problem.