Thursday, June 1, 2017

You Can't Make This Crap Up: Ivy League ILLEGALS Release List of Demands, Including Free Health Care, Legal Protection

A group of undocumented immigrants at Columbia University in New York City is demanding concessions from their Ivy League school.
The group, known as the Undocumented Students Initiative or “UndoCU,” released a list of 13 demands last week that include things like increased protection from federal authorities who might want to deport them, subsidized summer housing, “full reimbursement” of health care fees, specialized fundraising, counseling and sensitivity training for all Columbia faculty, along with other demands.
“We refuse to amend or change any of these demands,” the group wrote in a Facebook post last week. “[W]e expect the university to act.”
To begin, the group demands clarification in the university’s policies toward its undocumented students, should they have their Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA status revoked.
“How will the university help us cope with our legal working rights being taken away? How will the university help with our inability to pay tuition or housing?” the group wrote. “In all possible senses, how will the university provide the proper support that will allow us to thrive as students and contributing members of our university community?”
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