Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Johnson Amendment is a Fig Leaf Hiding President Trump’s Broken Promises to Christians

Donald Trump understands how easily distracted self-identified evangelicals in America are. They are willing to turn a blind eye to sin if someone promises to advance their agenda. Throw them a few bones and they will seal clap. Bluster and bully in their name and they will ignore the betrayals and broken promises. In short, self-identified evangelicals in America really are just like everyone else. There is a reason self-identified evangelicals have a divorce rate similar to everyone else. There is a reason self-identified evangelicals voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump. And there is a reason I use the term “self-identified.”
The reality is that self-identified evangelicals and actual evangelicals are not the same. Among evangelicals who regularly attend church, their divorce rate is lower, their birth rate is higher, the family is more stable, and they were least likely to support Donald Trump in the primaries. Many of them reluctantly supported him in the general election. Importantly, Donald Trump made no distinctions among the self-identified and the actual. Instead, he made them all several promises.
One of those promises was to put up federal protections for Christians in America who are increasingly intentionally targeted for harassment by gay rights activists. There are few actual practicing Christians in America who believe Christians should refuse to provide goods and services to gays. But the overwhelming majority of orthodox, Bible believing Christians oppose providing goods and services to any wedding that violates God’s decrees, including same sex weddings.
Gay rights activists intend to make us care and force Christians to give up their values or go out of business. They were aided and abetted by Barack Obama, who signed federal orders discriminating against any Christian organization that sought to assist the federal government in helping the poor. Any Christian group that maintained an actual Biblical world view was prohibited from helping.
Donald Trump promised to repeal that order. Twice now, however, he has refused to do so. Instead --->
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