Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Battle Over the HHS Mandate May Soon Be Over, But It Never Had To Start

Remember the "HHS mandate"?
Religious non-profit groups can hardly forget it – it's still hanging over our heads. We at Priests for Life were the fourth group in the nation to challenge it some five years ago. But with the issuance of President Trump's recent executive order on religious liberty, the end of this legal battle to keep the government from rewriting Church teaching is on the horizon.
We just can't tell yet how far away that horizon is.
The so-called HHS mandate was an effort by the Obama administration to force virtually every employer to participate in making available to our employees abortion causing drugs and devices, contraceptives, and sterilization procedures. It wasn't just that the government wanted to deliver these items to our employees, it's that it wanted us to be complicit in the delivery. In other words, it demanded that we commit what our faith declares to be grave evil.
For any employer whose conscience would not let them do this, it was a classic case of government coercion -- for groups like Priests for Life whose very purpose is to end abortion, it was a direct assault on our very reason for being.
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