Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Report: 600,000 ILLEGALS In US South Have Potential Path To Legal Status

Reuters/Jorge Duenes
Up to 600,000 illegal immigrants living in several southern states may have some basis for remaining in the U.S. despite their current lack of legal status, according to a new study from the University of California San Diego (UCSD).
A statistical review of immigrant screenings performed by Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC), an immigrant legal aid nonprofit, found that about 15 percent of the 4 million illegal immigrants in seven southern U.S. states had grounds to apply for legal residence. Their potential claims are based on fears of persecution in their native countries, family ties and other factors.
UCSD political scientist Tom Wong, who conducted the analysis for CLINIC, told Reuters that the results of his study should give the Trump administration pause as it looks to increase the tempo of deportations.
CLINIC and its affiliates interviewed more than 2,700 immigrants in seven southern states, including Florida, Georgia, Virginia and Texas, reports Reuters. The largest share of those screened who could possibly attain legal status were those who had a legitimate fear of persecution in their home country, which would form the basis for an asylum claim. Other categories of illegal immigrants included those who were victims of serious crimes or who cooperated with law enforcement, and immigrants with family ties to U.S. citizens. ...
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