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Op-ed: The First 100 Days...Finally It's America First

The First 100 Days...Finally It's America First By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

“To keep America safe, we must provide the men and women of the United States military with the tools they need to prevent war. If they must, they have to fight, and they only have to win.” – President Donald J. Trump’s words said at his Address to Congress

This past Saturday, April 29th, was President Donald J. Trump’s 100th day in office, and while that is a media driven arbitrary milestone of sorts, the fact remains that so far it has been one hell of a ride…a ride from sellout to greatness as Trump works to undo the Washington establishment’s status quo and Obama’s dangerously misguided policies of the past. And what a joy it is to actually now have a president who keeps his campaign promises…or at least tries to…even with the roadblocks thrown in his way by members of both sides of the political aisle, by activist judges, and of course by the media itself who still cannot accept the fact that Hillary Clinton is not president.

The first 100 days were hard for sure, no one can say they were not, and the next 100 days will probably be just as hard what with the world ticking like a time bomb ready to explode…ready to explode as a very unstable man-child in North Korea acts like he owns the world as he does what he wants when he wants and everybody else be damned, and with France this upcoming Sunday getting the chance to become the vanguard of turning back the muslim invasion of Europe…if only the French take that chance and elect Martine Le Pen president. Ready to explode as Israel is still being threatened by those wishing to wipe her off the face of the map, and Iran is still making a mockery not only of a nuclear agreement they never had any intention of honoring all while they relish in still being the world’s leading sponsor of terror. And surely ready to explode as Syria remains a conundrum of who is really the bad guy and who is the even badder guy…as in whose side should America really be on.

And in the midst of all this comes a setting of the ticking bomb countdown back a bit as China finally is starting to realize that maybe we are right about the threat North Korea poses not to just us but to them as well for they, too, are now placing sanctions on coal delivery to the North and are moving their great armies to their shared border…just in case the man-child does decide to bite the hand that feeds him.

One hundred days of pure hell on the international front that no new president should have to face…all courtesy of the previous president doing nothing but siding with each and every enemy of the country he was supposed to be the leader of. And yet even with all this President Trump had a key shining moment as he moved our country forward and shifted her to the right in one very important way…a way which not only will affect us today, but will affect many generations to come. And this he did with his appointing and having been confirmed now Supreme Court Justice Neil M. Gorsuch…a Conservative’s conservative…a true follower of and believer in Constitutional law with not an activist judge bone in his body…as it should be.

And President Trump has shown bright in other areas as well. Here are but seven additional ways, I believe, President Trump has triumphed in his first 100 days in office on both the all-important economic front and in his increasing our national security… which was put at great risk by Obama’s constant caving to islamist regimes, tying the hands of U.S. law enforcement agencies, and his weakening our military and our troops ability to not just fight but to fight winnable wars.
  • 1. President Trump has already started to increase the number of immigration officers and law enforcement personnel, especially along our southern border, which has led to a 36% drop in illegal border crossings and in 21,000 illegals already here being arrested…a 32.6% increase in number from these same months last year while Obama was still in office. And know that just this past February alone Trump’s tough immigration stance saw 17,226 illegals being deported, the majority of them felons and gang members. Also, Trump plans to hire 5,000 more Border Patrol agents and 10,000 more Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers over the next few years to help enforce his executive orders on immigration and current laws already on the books… the very laws Obama and his ilk turned a blind eye to
  • 2. President Trump has called for a proposed $54 billion increase in defense spending, which will raise spending for the Department of Defense (DOD) to $639 billion for fiscal year 2018…a full much-needed 10% boost to the military…as well as demanding cuts to non-defense spending at the State Department, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and many other federal money-wasting programs…basically a rebuilding of our Obama decimated military without adding to the federal deficit.
  • 3. As our new president, Donald Trump has issued more than 40 executive orders, actions, and memorandum to reverse the America-hurting policies of Barack HUSSEIN Obama, especially in regards to regulations that stunted our economic growth…as in irrational, counterproductive regulations emanating from numerous power-hungry federal agencies…agencies like the EPA for one. For example, under the Congressional Review Act, President Trump has signed 13 specific resolutions nullifying said unnecessary regulations and blocking agencies from reissuing them. One important case in point is how Obama’s regulations crippled our coal industry. Mandated by Obama and finalized in 2016, these regulations actually worked towards putting domestic coal extraction companies out of business, but thankfully that has all been undone. And Trump has also rolled back Obama’s last minute Stream Protection Rule that would have placed a burden on coal companies to test streams before, during, and after mining, and was followed up by his undoing the 2015 Waters of the U.S. Rule, a rule that broadened the definition of a body of water. And to date, since Trump took office, 300 miners have been re-hired out of the 36,800 coal miners who lost their jobs thanks to Obama’s most vicious of regulations to help shutdown our coal industry in his goal to keep us dependent on Arab oil.
  • 4. President Trump’s budget proposal eliminates the farce known as the Global Climate Change Initiative (an umbrella program that paid for dozens of assistance programs to help other countries working on things like ‘supposed’ clean energy) and fulfills his promise to stop payments to the United Nations…the U(selss) N(ations)…climate change programs by doing away with U.S. funding related to the Green Climate Fund (the U.N. money wasting effort to help countries adapt to non-existent climate change or develop low-emission energy technologies) and its two precursor Climate Investment Funds…all products of Obama’s perpetrating the myth that climate change is real…it is the weather and nothing but the weather…weather cycles that began when the Earth first formed and weather cycles that will continue happening until the Earth is no more.
  • 5. Since Trump won the election on November 8th, U.S. stock markets have sharply risen. The S&P 500 index is up about 10% and the Dow Jones Industrial Average is 13% higher passing the 20,000 mark for the first time in its history after Trump took office. And when the markets are up more businesses are opened and more jobs get created, and according to the latest numbers available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, that is to the tune of 533,000 new jobs added to the U.S. economy during the Trump presidency months of January, February, and March…jobs which not only put people back to work but also increased consumer confidence as well.

  • 6. President Trump has withdrawal the U.S. from the  Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the trade deal between  the U.S. and 11 Pacific Rim countries…China was not included in this deal…finally bringing an end to the many multinational trade agreements that had defined global economics for decades and took American companies out of America. And thanks to Trump’s withdrawal from TPP, American workers are now protected from competition from low-wage countries, and should slow the number of jobs leaving the U.S. as American companies had sought cheaper labor abroad, like in Viet Nam for example.
  • 7. President Trump has called the lying, biased, truth denying, islamic condoning media to task and rightly so. Still whining over the fact that their darling, Hillary Clinton, was not anointed president after all their hard work to try and make it so, the media has now engaged in everything it could to help take down the Trump presidency, but like Hillary they come up losers. The purveyors of the coloring book, bubbles, and therapy puppy crowd…aka the snowflakes…the media has pushed forward the laughable blaming of Russia for Hillary’s loss and for all the ills now befalling our country instead of looking in the mirror and seeing that they are one of the chief reasons we are where we are today for when one perpetrates lies as truth eventually a champion emerges to help set things right again…and that champion has now come in the guise of a president who will counter every lie the media tells with something as simple as a ‘tweet’ and with policies that truly do put America first.
But while President Trump has truly had great success in his first 100 days in office, the truth must be told that he also has had some failures, most of which were not of his doing. And this includes his wholehearted try at repealing and replacing ObamaCare in stages, and it failed because of those supposedly on our side who do not understand the logistics of how ObamaCare was passed and that repealing it could not be done in one fell swoop. And part of this failure must also be placed on the many concessions made to placate the hard line, far right conservatives…concessions that in turn rightfully caused concern amongst moderates who feared a voter revolt come re-election time from the millions who were forecast to lose coverage.

Another failure…more like a temporary setback actually…was having his immigration and travel bans blocked by the uber liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals which is stacked with Obama appointees…hopefully the Supreme Court will right that wrong. And President Trump also failed to get Congress to approve the construction of the border wall let alone get funding for it, and he unfortunately is also now facing the Democrats stalling his tax reform plan.

But as far as the first 100 days goes when all is said and done and the wins are balanced against the loses, I think Vice President Mike Pence said it best at last Saturday’s ‘100-Day Rally’ in Harrisburg, PA…“In just 100 days, President Trump has turned America around – and he’s just getting started.” And to that I say thank you Mr. President and I am looking forward to the next 100 days and the almost eight years of days thereafter.

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