Thursday, April 13, 2017

Trump Puts the Screws to China, Wins Trade Concessions

So much winning.
President Trump met last weekend with Chinese President Xi Jinping. He's been talking tough about China's abusive trade policy, and reports say he put the screws to Xi.
The result? China plans to offer the Trump administration better market access for financial sector investments. What's more, China will also open up access to U.S. beef exports in order to avert a trade war, the Financial Times reported on Sunday.
Trump said throughout the campaign that China was a chief source of unfair trade practices, which has led to a $300 billion trade deficit. China says it's doing the U.S. a big favor by providing cheap goods to consumers, but Trump argues that the U.S. does not have the same access to their 1-billion-plus population.
Under terms of the agreement, the two sides set up a 100-day plan to hash out the details in trade talks.
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