Thursday, April 13, 2017

Reminder: There Would Be No ISIS If Not For Assad

Jim must have been furious.
It was almost lunchtime in Washington, D.C., Tuesday when President Donald Trump huddled his National Security Council and his top military advisors in the White House. They’re shown images — far more graphic than those shown the public — of children gasping for breath and foaming at the mouth. The Pentagon, relying on radar tracking, shows a Syrian Air Force plane leaving a key airfield and flying over the precise site of the chemical attack multiple times. Open source videos and reports of victims match the time of the flyover.
Intelligence analysts conclude it was sarin gas. The New York Times reports that Trump is visibly “shaken” by the photos of the kids. Trump takes a few more meetings on domestic policy goals, the Times reports, but “aides say the images from Syria — especially those showing the suffering of small children and babies — weigh on him.”
Secretary of Defense James Mattis, who often insists on ditching the prodigious nicknames and honorifics in favor of simply “Jim,” stolidly tells reporters Wednesday that the attack “was a heinous act and will be treated as such.” He had also seen the images. In my brief conversations with Jim, I would say he has a well-developed sense of philosophic morality. He protects the innocent. He plays fair. He “didn’t bring artillery.” He certainly doesn’t mind killing the “kind of scum” that “won’t let a little girl learn how to read,” he told me once.
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Anonymous said...

People like this author did NOTHING and said next to nothing when Kurds were terrorized. No, Obama trained and armed ISIS, not Assad. Hillary murdered Gaddafi and spoke of his gang-rape death with GLEE. Hillary's warmongering CFR, in other words the NWO, created ISIS, not Assad.

Before his death, Gaddafi warned Assad that he was next. Not everyone is as clueless as the author of this article. The Shah of Iran is not to blame for the Khomeini fundamentalist regime. The Khomeini Regime is FAR more brutal than the Shah, according to Khomeini's own right hand man.

ISIS is worse than Assad.

Carter created today's Iran. The Khomeini Regime held DIPLOMATS hostage, that is the definition of savage and uncivilized. The middle east is a savage, brutal place.

Muslims invented NAZISM; Islam is NAZISM. Until that fascist, cult system is gone, the middle east will continue to be a savage, brutal place. Sharia is NOT cute, it is slavery, class warfare, and barbaric. Sharia violates human rights constantly. Yet people like this author do not bother to understand that Sharia is the problem in the middle east: NAZISM.

Sharia does not allow free speech, and under Sharia people remain in caveman like ignorance from thousands of years of dysinformation and little education.

STOP blaming Assad for Islam.

People like this ignorant author allowed the world to call Syria a civil war. It never was. Turkey is ISIS, not Assad. Syria always was, and has been an international conflict. Perhaps the author of this article should read about the Caliphate? or the NWO of Adolf Hitler, the muslim.

The author is another stooge doing the water carrying for the warmongering NAZI NWO.

Trump did INVADE Syria, the exact thing Obama wanted to do: boots on the ground in Syria. I hated it then, and now. We have no friends there. We have no business being there. We ARE being imperial. The Democrat Party is imperialistic. Democrats like Trump are smug and condescending.

When Hillary can sit before CBS cameras discussing the gang-rape death of Gadaffi, and laugh like a witch, then the escalation of turmoil in the sharia-mindset middle east IS exacerbated by arrogant warmongering Democrats like Hillary and her bff Donald J. Trump.

And Obama announced the date of American troop withdrawals, so Obama did create ISIS. Then Obama funded and armed ISIS. And Obama continues to use his lie that Syria was a civil war.

MB Democrats often lie about this, but they DO want regime change in Syria, their EXACT same vile strategy as their regime change actions in Iran and in Iraq. Democrats SEEK to install anti-western leaders in the middle east. Classic.

“We came, we saw, he died, he he he.” ~Hillary

“Who gave NATO the right to kill Gaddafi.” ~Putin

Gaddafi’s brutal death.

CIA-Armed Rebels March On Assad Homeland

Conflict process in Syria and Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov's assassination in talks with Erdogan.