Friday, March 10, 2017

TRUMPCARE (Obamacare Lite): Trump warns House GOP that midterms will be a bloodbath if this health-care bill doesn’t pass

Which bloodbath is bigger, though? The one they’ll face if they can’t pass anything, or the one they’ll face if they pass the House bill and analysts are right that millions of people will lose their insurance?
You can understand in light of the “bloodbath” comment why the White House might be willing to wheel and deal on the bill, though. In the near term, as a matter of politics, passing something is more important than passing something good, especially for a president who swept into Washington as a can-do strongman who’d get government moving again. Trump, more so than any of his recent predecessors, needs to show his base that Congress will obey when he tells them that failure is not an option.
Trump vowed to throw his full support behind the effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act during a meeting with House GOP leadership, saying he is “proud” to support a GOP-authored plan to replace Obamacare and told members behind closed doors that he would support it “100%,” according to sources in the room.
But he warned lawmakers of the high-stakes nature of the effort, citing a potential electoral “bloodbath,” a member present said…
While Trump said he was committed to the bill, he did indicate he was open to making changes. Sources in the room, however, said that the changes would have to win broad support and be passed through the amendment process, making it difficult to amend the contours of the legislation in any meaningful way.
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