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Op-ed: Untainted Objectivity and Nothing Less

Op-ed:                                                                                       Untainted Objectivity and Nothing Less
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

“This executive order responsibly provides a needed pause so we can carefully review how we scrutinize people coming here from these countries of concern.”  – Attorney General Jeff Session announcing that the new travel order had been signed

What a news cycle we have been caught up in of late what with ‘conventional’ American troops now on-the-ground in Syria within what’s called ‘grenade range’ of the Obama-birthed ISIS fighters, and with former President Barack HUSSEIN Obama said to be ‘irked and exasperated’ after now President Trump’s rightful claim that it was he who was responsible for the wiretaps during the presidential campaign no matter the fact that Obama is ‘irked and exasperated’ only because he got caught.

And that very same man is now beyond furious that his hoped for signature piece of legislation known as ObamaCare…the Affordable Care Act that is anything but affordable… is set to go up in flames as Republicans will ditch it to make sure that his so-wanted dream of a single-payer system…as in socialized medicine…will never reach fruition.

Now let’s throw into the news cycle mix the newest WikiLeaks’ dump…a release of eight thousand plus documents that lay out the specifics of an ‘alleged’ CIA hacking operations that will be investigated by both the FBI and the CIA who will look into how WikiLeaks got their hands on those documents…documents which even uber liberal talking heads on CNN call “largely genuine.”

It’s been a couple of very bad days for Obama now hasn’t it…said with a wink and a nod…and not one tear shed.

And while we will have to wait and see how our troop involvement in Syria plays out…we know that the wiretapping accusations made by President Trump will drag on probably for months as legalities of said wiretapping keep being bantered back and forth, especially since Chapter 36 of Title 50 of the US code ‘War and National Defense,’ Subchapter 1, section 1802 states that the president does NOT need a FISA warrant to initiate electronic surveillance on anyone because all a president needs is to have his attorney general (as in then Loretta Lynch) sign off on it under oath, which we know now she did. And we also know that while the Republican replacement for ObamaCare is still in draft form and open to discussion, changes, and even to being ripped-up to start all over again…we accept as fact that it will take time to wade through the massive expose that is this newest WikiLeaks dump…and so we have a bit of time to focus on, for now anyway, President Trump’s new executive order regarding the temporary travel ban placed on those from certain muslim majority countries wanting into our country…a new executive order of course again being contested by the liberal left.

And to that affect, whether the kumbaya Democrats, their cohorts in the ‘fake news’ media, or even the few on our side like it or not, I am going to call this new executive order exactly what I believe it truly is…the beginning of a rightful halt to the allowing of islamists…terrorists… jihadis…muslims…as in any of those who adhere to the political cult that is islam…from coming into our country and doing to our beloved America what they have done to Europe…once beautiful Europe now overrun and turned into a cesspool by those wanting to do the same here. And the repercussions against me for saying so be damned for like I always say, if you do not name the enemy for who they really are then you cannot win the battle against said enemy.

And President Trump’s newest executive order is a good first step but how I wish that he had fully called it what it is…a ban against islam for he knows well that islam is islam is islam…there are no muslim refugees… there are no moderate muslims…there are only those who silently condone what the islamists…the jihadis…the terrorists are doing…while being too afraid to do it themselves for if they were true refugees their condemnation would be strong. And to this day their silence is deafening.

Now as you all calm down and take a deep breath, let me explain why I said what I said and let’s start with a few simple facts.
  • Fact one: since Obama started letting these ‘so-called’ refugees from predominately muslim countries into our country there have been over 300 active counter terrorism investigations of muslims suspected of planning, plotting, and in a few cases bringing to fruition actions of terrorism on American soil…and most of those have not been reported on by the media.
  • Fact two: while about three million refugees have been ‘resettled’ in the U.S. since the Refugee Act of 1980 became law…a law that created the Federal Refugee Resettlement Program and the still in effect laws for screening admission of refugees into our country…know this is not the first time nor is Trump the first president to stop refugees from coming into our country. Forgotten in all the current brouhaha is that in the aftermath of 9/11 President Bush suspended refugee resettlement for three months while security measures were gone through and updated.
  • Fact three: the refugee admissions process can take up to 18 to 24 months, and includes a review of applications by the Department of State and/or other federal agencies, in-person interviews, health screenings, and for many, cultural orientation. But how can these on-the book-laws be followed when the pro-islamic United Nations and not us is the one determining who will come to our American shores. Simply, as with the problems caused by illegals coming through our southern border, right now these on-the-book laws are simply not being enforced.
  • Fact four: if these laws had been fully enforced there would be no need for President Trump’s executive order nor would Obama have gotten away with letting 84,995 predominately muslim ‘so-called’ refugees into our country in fiscal year ending in September 2016 alone.
  • Fact five: in 2015, 90% of muslim refugees here in our country were on food stamps and almost 70% receiving actual cash welfare thus using welfare assistance at an even higher rate than all other legal immigrants.
So knowing these facts…and these are but five of too many to list in one article…also know that President Trump is right in what he is doing. His new executive order (which you can read in full here: dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s after his first order was contested and then overturned by the uber liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Briefly, the new order imposes a 90-day ban instead of the original 120-day ban on new visas being issued for those from six instead of seven muslim-majority countries…Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Syria and Yemen… countries who are either state sponsors of terrorism or whose countries are so compromised that they are basically safe havens for terrorist groups (with Iraq being removed from the original list as they are ‘beefing-up’ their vetting processes)…as well as making it clear that anyone who currently holds a visa should be able to get back into our country without any problems, although those whose visas have expired will have to reapply…and that now 50,000 ‘so-called’refugees will be allowed into our country during fiscal year 2017 instead of the 110,000 the Obama administration designated to be let in.

Also, this executive order, scheduled to take effect on March 16th, unlike the original order lays out specifics regarding those who would be able to apply for case-by-case waivers to said order, and includes those previously admitted for “a continuous period of work, study, or other long-term activity;” those with “significant business or professional obligations;” and those wanting to visit or live with family.

In other words, even though acquisitions have been made in order to sooth the sensibilities of the liberal bleeding-heart sorts who still think those who are followers of islam can fit into the fabric of our American society…and those misguided sorts in civil liberties groups… groups that care more about the civil liberties of illegals and ‘so-called’ refugees who are anything but than they do about the civil liberties of red, white, and blue American citizens…we still hear cries that the new ban is just like the old ban…which clearly it is not.

And yet even if it was, it is what it is, no matter that only six of the roughly 51 muslim countries are on the list nor that those from the other 45 countries currently are not being denied entry into our country, but it still sends a strong and powerful message that we…that President Trump…will not put up with any of their islamic/subversive/sharia nonsense…not on his watch anyway.

“Putting this executive order into effect will only create a false sense of security that genuine steps are being taken to protect Americans from attack, while undermining the standing of the U.S. as a refuge for those at greatest risk.” – Grace Meng, an immigration researcher with Human Rights Watch.

Now it must be known that the only supposed false sense of security is caused not from President Trump’s temporary travel ban, but from Obama’s not so covertly working through his ‘shadow government’ to throw a wrench into anything President Trump does that affects his brethren from infiltrating our country. And to that effect enter center stage the ‘blue’ state of Hawaii, and now Washington and New York joining in as well.

But let’s focus on Hawaii, the first state to challenge this newest executive order, and the state who on March 15th, the day before the order is to go into effect, is scheduled to ask U.S. District Judge Derrick K. Watson to rule that even with the changes made to this new executive order that it violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment because the state feels “it is essentially a muslim ban, hurts the ability of state businesses and universities to recruit top talent and damages the financial interests of the state, which considers tourism its lead economic driver.” But pray tell what I want to truthfully know is exactly how much ‘top talent’ and tourism comes from those six countries on this list… cesspools of countries that forbid women an education and where most people do not make enough money in a year to travel within their own country let alone come to ours.

But the bottom line remains why is it right for our country to have to become the ‘dumping ground’ for the world’s muslim downtrodden…it simply is not…and know that most of today’s ‘so-called’ refugees are indeed muslims… mostly young muslim men in fact…whether they come from just those six countries now named or not. Why is right for our country…for we taxpayers…to foot the bill for everything those muslims now being allowed to come here see as their ‘right’ to have…again it is not. And seriously, why don’t these people…these muslims…stay and fight and work towards garnering the freedoms they claim to so want in the countries they call home.

Why…because subversion and submission of our country to islam is indeed their ultimate goal for none of the other immigrants who came to this country before muslims started coming here ever acted as these ‘so-called’ refugees do…and they do so because assimilation is not in their vocabulary nor has it ever been their goal.

President Trump’s newest executive order, as was his first executive order regarding this temporary muslim travel ban, is indeed both legal and a good first step towards doing what we all know…or should know by now…is the right thing to do…as in ban all muslim immigration into our country…of course with but a few exceptions…for these people are truly not nor will they ever be compatible with the fabric of our Judeo-Christian American society.

And ‘We the People’ should not be afraid to say these truths nor should this new executive order be afraid to say in its wording either.

And so with all that said, and I am sorry if I have hurt the politically correct sensibilities of some even on our side, but the fact is that if America is to remain the American we all love and know her to be, the time must come to stand strong against an invasion that was Obama orchestrated and implemented, and let our new president’s hands be untied to do what he really rightfully wants to do…stop the muslim invasion before it not only reaches our shores as it did in Europe, but also before those already here make inroads into allowing said invasion to reach fruition. And if that means banning all muslim immigration or calling this temporary ban what it truly and rightfully is than so be it.

My opinion and I stand by it.

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Anonymous said...

Certain that NWO is hiding their reasons to admit Muslims to the USA as "poor, helpless victims" while at the same time it hurts "the ability of state businesses and universities to recruit top talent and damages." I think our liberal universities have done far too much damage already. Stop them from bringing in foreigners altogether. We taxpayers pay for the universities, stop letting foreigners use them.