Monday, March 13, 2017

Trump warns Republicans: Support TRUMPCARE (Obamacare Lite) bill or I’ll back primary challengers against you

MY TAKE FIRST: I don't think so Mr. President. Because you'll be too busy trying to cover your own ass away from the CONSERVATIVES' RAGE that you'll face in 2020. And Oh yes, you'll be primaried for supporting a bill like this to begin with, IF IT IS PASSED (and YOU sign it) without the changes it needs. CONSERVATIVES who oppose the current form of the bill ARE YOUR ONLY HOPE!

Now to the story:
I thought the strategy if the bill fails is to blame Democrats. Remember? If it tanks, Trump and the GOP will shrug, kick back, watch as premiums under ObamaCare continue to rise over the next 16 months, and then run in 2018 on the idea that we need to elect even more Republicans to finally, finally, finally clean up the O-Care mess. After eight years of electing Republicans to clean up the O-Care mess.
A clear, consistent message that this is all Democrats’ fault might be effective. But what if that message is muddled with claims that it’s all conservatives’ fault too?
President Trump has told Republican leaders that he’s prepared to play hardball with congressional conservatives to pass the GOP healthcare bill, including by supporting the 2018 primary challengers of any Republican who votes against the bill…
Trump’s threat is one that could resonate. Most of the Republicans who oppose the GOP’s American Health Care Act represent ruby red districts that strongly support Trump and his agenda…
Rep. Mark Meadows, chairman of the Freedom Caucus, the primary group of House Republicans opposed to the healthcare bill, is a possible target. His western North Carolina district voted overwhelmingly for Trump in November, and Meadows has come out in opposition to the bill…
“The president has a very powerful bully pulpit and a very powerful tweet and so I would never want to take on the president in either of those realms,” he admitted.
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Anonymous said...

Republican House got elected by stampeding against trump. Trump has ALWAYS shown no interest in Republican opinions and concerns. The majority, vast majority of Republicans OPPOSE trump. Trump only won in GOP primaries by exploiting open primaries, with Democrat votes.

The American Democrats were betrayed by their communist party leadership that is openly AGAINST God. Vote in November 2016 was more against Hillary, not for Trump. 60% + voters in exit polling said they are disgusted by trump.

So trump needs to take his temper and shove off.

The GOP leadership is FASCIST, and they FORCED trump on the Republican Party. But NEVER can we piddle around about fascist obamacare, it has driven the 2010 and 2014 historic Republican Landslides, it is where the Democrat Americans and Republican Americans see eye to eye: agree.

NO to Nazi Fascist washington d.c. The D.C. fascists exempted themselves from obamacare, NOW they better exempt ALL americans. NOW.

I wish Mitt Romney was our President. He said the first day in office he'd exempt all 50 states from Obamacare. Mitt is lightyears ahead of baron-bo trump.

Trump already tried his threats on Paul Ryan, and his failure to unseat Paul Ryan was a colossal failure. Trump failed in business hand over fist, trump failed his family over and over again, trump failed in lawsuits all his life, and failed to bring prosperity to his many business partners who he left in ruin.

Trump was successful in fundraising for fascist Leftists in washington d.c. His money comes from success in graft and corruption, and in violating people and our Constitutional laws like eminent domain. He need to repeal obamacare. Otherwise there is no excuse for his sorry orange carcass.

Anonymous said...

*Trump needs to repeal obamacare, otherwise, there is no excuse for his sorry orange carcass.

Anonymous said...

NO NO NO NO, Mr. President, it is time for you to play REAL, DEEP, and effective hardball on the carnage establishment who wants Obamacare. NOW. Conservatives are NOT the problem, you weasel traitor.