Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Latest Canadian Policy On Illegals: ‘When They’re Here, They’re Here’

Canadian Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale defined the Liberal government’s policy on illegal refugees streaming across the Canada-U.S. border as one of “when they’re here, they’re here.”
Goodale was responding to questions on CTV’s Question Period Sunday morning. Meanwhile, the president of the union that represents the border guards says the situation at the border is a “crisis” as illegals take buses and taxis to the New York-Quebec border.
Goodale isn’t prepared to call it a crisis and he expressed disdain for suggestions from the Conservative opposition that the illegals be arrested.
“I guess what the Conservatives are saying is maybe we should line up the RCMP at the border, they should all link arms and shoo people away, or maybe [use] fire hoses or whatever, to keep people from crossing at the border,” Goodale said.
“The fact of the matter is if someone comes across the border, and finds themselves in Canada, and claims asylum…when they’re here, they’re here. And according to Canadian law, and according to international law, we have to deal with those people in a certain way,” he said.
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